7 Tips to Increase Walmart Ecommerce Growth Omer Riaz March 28, 2022

7 Tips to Increase Walmart Ecommerce Growth

walmart ecommerce growth rate

Walmart Ecommerce Growth Doesn’t Have to Be Hard with These 7 Tips.

In the modern era of the technological revolution, there are many innovative ways to increase your E-commerce growth. Walmart is a giant in the E-commerce industry, with millions of sellers shopping from their stores.

Walmart Ecommerce Growth

In 2021, the total sales of Walmart’s E-commerce store were around 43 billion US dollars. The ratio of increase in Walmart’s ecommerce growth was 70 percent compared to 2020.

Walmart’s marketplace is tremendously expanding along with the number of online shoppers. Suppose you are operating a business in a Walmart E-commerce store. Is your strategy productive enough to increase conversion rates and, at the same time, enhance the rich customer experience on your online store?

7 Tips to Boost Walmart Ecommerce Growth

We will communicate some of the potential tips to increase your Walmart E-commerce growth. These tips will help you compete effectively in the Walmart market and attract customers to buy products from your store.

  1. Offer Competitive Prices 

Walmart’s E-commerce growth isn’t easy to attain and sustain repeatedly. Customers love to purchase products at low prices without compromising on quality. There are thousands of sellers on Walmart’s E-commerce store providing similar products to customers like yours. The best way to take customers from your competitors is by offering competitive prices with quality assurance.

Keep in mind that you should follow Walmart Pricing rules to operate well in their market. Walmart monitors your pricing of products regularly. If you are not following the pricing rules of Walmart, your products can be unpublished, or your Seller account can be suspended.

If you offer the lowest prices to consumers at Walmart, the probability of shoppers buying your product will increase, and you can win Walmart Buy Box. Your online store sales will rise with enormous speed, and you can take the market share from your competitors.

  1. Be Friendly with Your Customers at Walmart 

This point might look ambiguous, but it’s a vital part of your Walmart selling strategy. Customers want quality experiences during their purchasing journey in the modern market environment. In Walmart’s competitive marketplace, you have to provide customers with a quality experience to be remembered for a long time.

Walmart provides a user-friendly interface for sellers to make big sales with smooth market operations. They regularly work on strategies to satisfy their customers.

Dealing with customers behind the screen isn’t easy. Listen to their queries and problems carefully and provide them with promising solutions in a friendly manner. Walmart itself offers several guidelines to meet your customer expectations.

Here are a few tips to enhance your customer experience at Walmart

  • Ship authentic products that are ordered.
  • Supply quality products to decrease cancellation rates and returns.
  • Deal with your customers in a way they feel you prioritize them above all.
  • Ensure to acknowledge the order placed within 15 minutes or 2 hours max.
  • Your order defect rate should remain below 2 percent to avoid suspension of your account.
  1. Good Customer Reviews 

Customers mostly see the reviews section of the product they are going to purchase. If the product reviews meet customers’ expectations, most likely, they will buy the product. Walmart focuses on a customer-centric approach, and their reviews impact your business operations.

Word of mouth influences customers’ purchasing intention and is considered more effective than paid ads in marketing. Around 6 trillion US dollars of global spending results from word of mouth.

As per the rule of thumb, if a higher number of customer reviews are positive for your products, your ranking and sales will be better. We can’t prove that Walmart considers customer reviews, but customers who make their buying decisions based on reviews cannot be ignored.

  1. Developing Customer Trust 

Customer is the foundational part of your business. Therefore, your business model should ensure a customer-oriented approach for efficient Walmart Ecommerce Growth.

Shoppers purchasing products from your online stores consider you an authentic seller. Create a sense of familiarity with them through proper engagement and providing quality products. Know about your customers’ buying behavior and construct your strategies accordingly.

If customers feel comfortable and satisfied while shopping for your products, you can retain customer trust. Value your customers beyond anything.

Always be courteous to your customers and be honest in keeping your promises. If you abide by your commitments and values

  1. Win Walmart Buy Box 

Walmart’s E-commerce growth is becoming hard to sustain for a long time in the modern competitive environment. Walmart presented a buy box competition when they opened their marketplace for third-party sellers. To increase your sales and generate high conversions, winning Walmart buy boxes is very important.

Maintaining your price to the lowest levels is essential if you want to win Walmart buy boxes. It means those sellers offering the lowest possible price have a higher chance of winning the buy box. However, these changing prices should be under the rules and regulations of Walmart.

If the terms and conditions of Walmart pricing rules are not followed, they can harm your products listings and account drastically.

  1. Stand Out from Competitors 

While selling in a Walmart E-commerce store, you have to prove yourself unique from others to capture customers. You will face intense competition in the market.

The key to proving yourself unique from competitors is creativity. You can write your product listings in a way that can bring a smile to consumers’ faces after going through your product description—post product pictures in a unique manner that looks catchy in the eyes of customers.

By proving your creativity in the marketplace, you can earn customers’ attention towards your products and services. You can gain a unique advantage over competitors by applying creative strategies never seen in the market before.

  1. Refining your Product Details to Achieve High Conversion Rates

Before customers reach your product, they enter a keyword that lands them on their desired product. If they see your product on the top page of the search list, your product details are highly optimized. If not, you have to refine your product details to achieve better conversions.

Like Walmart, every search engine has its algorithm, known as Walmart Search Algorithm. You have to follow certain rules to get yourself noticeable in front of consumers. Consequently, increase your Walmart Ecommerce Growth.

Set a product title that best suits customer requirements. Define your product in one line. Analyze the product heading of your competitors to check what works in the market.  Don’t copy their titles but introduce them creatively and artistically.

Highlight the benefits of using your products. Your product description should be precise and accurate to explain to customers your product details. Don’t include those points that look fake or promise those things that are not justified in the product.

If customers find your product to be different from its description, they will not purchase anything from your store in the future and can leave a bad review impacting your reputation.

Use optimized images that can leave an influential impact on customers’ eyes. Don’t include rough photos to leave a wrong impression of your product.


Walmart’s marketplace has become highly competitive in the past few years. Nowadays, It’s not easy to capture market share on Walmart and ensure growth without effective strategies. You have to opt for innovative tactics to increase your Walmart Ecommerce Growth and generate sales.

In this article, 7 tips are enlisted to increase your Walmart E-commerce growth. These tips will help you sustain your brand position in the market and gain maximum customers for the long term. Otherwise, you may lose your business growth without working on the core fundamentals of business.