6 essential Amazon Selling Tips to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales Omer Riaz March 16, 2022

6 essential Amazon Selling Tips to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

Amazon Selling Tips

The trend of online shopping is increasing with the transformation of digitalization. With the interaction with social media and the latest technological equipment, consumer behavior is switching towards online services. Let’s look at the impressive figures of e-retail sales share in the past couple of years and its future forecast:

Amazon selling tips

Share of e-retail sales worldwide


Elaborates that the share of e-retail sales worldwide was 18 percent in 2021, and it is expected to reach 21.8 percent in 2024.

Amazon has become the largest online platform of the e-retail sector where online shoppers purchase their retail items. Do you want to become an Amazon seller and sell your products on Amazon? Well, here are the 6 essential Amazon selling tips for driving traffic and increasing your sales on Amazon:

1.    Keyword Research

Various sellers can be witnessed on Amazon selling their products online, but not everyone has the complete strategy of making their business successful. Keyword research plays a fundamental and essential role in the success of Amazon’s business. If the seller knows how to use high-value keywords for their products, it will help them to push their products on the front page of Amazon.

Amazon highly prefers the reach of the effective product to the customers that they are looking for and searching for. It’s not as easy as it seems to make yourself prominent as a seller on Amazon. Therefore, effective keyword research and enlisting them in your product description are important.

People don’t usually like reading long sentences in any description. However, with the algorithm of Amazon, long sentences portray that the seller has included all the relevant descriptions of search items. It will pay off the seller positively to get customers and brand recognition.

Before entering into the world of Amazon for conducting business, you have to conduct competitor and industry analysis. Research on the effective keyword mapping of your products on Amazon will pay off to you in the future.

2.    Mobile Optimization

The optimization system shouldn’t be limited to just desktops to see Amazon product items. Sellers should also know that around 68 percent of millennials use mobile devices for conducting their online purchases. Certain robust measures can pursue mobile optimization with these statistics in mind.

Being a seller on Amazon, optimizing images, titles and descriptions to look perfect on the desktop is not enough. The sellers should also optimize the outlook features of their product on mobile devices. It is important for effectively targeting online shoppers using mobile devices. The outlook of Amazon products should look different on mobile devices and tablets to attract shoppers. It will increase their purchase intention towards buying the product.

The following things can be considered to differentiate the visibility of products on Amazon between desktop and mobile:

  • Adjustments of image sizes
  • Search of Amazon product
  • Detail pages of Amazon product

Various other things can also be considered in differentiating the mobile and desktop visibility of Amazon.

3.    Split Testing

It should be remembered that running a business on Amazon is not easy. You can’t leave anything in Amazon on chance factor as it will derail your profit margins. Here the role of split testing is very important.

You have conducted split or A/B tests on your website several times as a seller. A particular element is selected in this test, and more than one version is created to testify which version is effective for moving forward.

In Amazon, eCommerce marketing is different from others where you have to consider various factors. Images, title descriptions, and pricing of products can be tested several times in Amazon to generate effectiveness.

The split test is not a one-time game to conduct and enjoy profit margins. Split tests should be run regularly to improve the effectiveness of your Amazon business, and resultantly it will improve your click and conversion rates.

4.    Escalating promotions for increasing sales

Promoting your business and generating sales are the things that every business entrepreneur loves. Effective promotions with positive delivery results are hard to capture if it’s not strategically planned. A planned strategic promotion of your Amazon business can generate huge success for your brand in profit margins and sales.

In concern with this, effective promotions help you increase your brand awareness brand recognition, sustain customers, and make new customers. It will help to expand your business and escalate growth.

The acceleration of your sales through promotions of your business can be analyzed concerning the following points:

  • Number of leads generated
  • The average size of the deal
  • Conversion rates
  • Sales cycle length

These above-listed factors will enable you to analyze your sales growth and which promotion mediums generate more sales. Followed under the rules, Amazon greatly encourages external traffic. Sellers should design the proper promotion plan to develop success on Amazon or any other eCommerce platform.

5.    Sales rank

To make their sales rank on top in Amazon is the dream of every seller on this platform. Every seller on Amazon wants its product to be ranked on Amazon. Regularly optimizing your profile is important to achieve a higher seller rank on Amazon. It helps you get ranked on Amazon and makes it easier for online shoppers to see your product. If you want to sell an Amazon business that belongs to you, maintaining your sales rank at the top is attractive for buyers.

Every Amazon business wants to win the Buy Box. It is very hard to achieve and maintain that place. But how can this point be reached and maintained? Well, it requires a strategic and effective approach to make it happen. But, firstly, you have to meet Amazon’s expectations.

6.    Increasing reviews of the product

Research presented a constructive finding that around 85 percent of consumers read the top 10 reviews before trusting any online eCommerce platform. It highlights the importance of reviews for Amazon sellers to maintain consumers’ trust. The consistency of Amazon sellers in maintaining the quality and quantity of online reviews is fundamental to shaping consumers’ purchase intention. Strategy is very important in this aspect to target your selected consumers.

It shows the importance of reviews. Reviews play a key role in urging customers to purchase the product and trust the brand. Amazon has trained its consumers to use reviews for getting product feedback. Those sellers having better reviews of the same product will be enlisted on the top page of Amazon.

If your deal has been finished with the customers with a happy experience of the product, it would be wise to ask for a review by the customer. But if there is any doubt of confusion or a complaint has been placed, it is not wise to ask for a review.

Communication with your customers is very important to turn bad reviews into good ones. As a seller, you have to develop a good feedback system for making it happen.

Concluding remarks

Amazon customers and sellers are increasing with dramatic acceleration. Every Amazon seller wants their product to be enlisted on the top page for sales generation. Above mentioned are 6 essential Amazon selling tips to drive traffic and increase sales. Amazon sellers can use these strategies to fulfill their sales objectives and generate more traffic.