How to increase sales on Amazon? Omer Riaz March 14, 2022

How to increase sales on Amazon?

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Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

In the modern era of globalization, online marketing extensively facilitates shoppers. Especially in COVID-19, online Ecommerce platforms have gained outrageous profits as shoppers purchased products that help sellers to increase sales on Amazon, and services online due to worldwide lockdown.

Amazon has emerged as the top enlisted e-commerce platform in the US by capturing 41 percent of the market share in 2021. Amazon has left its competitors far behind in the US and enjoyed healthy profits in COVID-19.

increase sales on amazon

US leading E-commerce companies in terms of market share in 2021

Running your business on Amazon is not easy, and you can become frustrated while struggling for sales under intense competition. Effective strategy on Amazon can lead towards increased profitability and overall sales. It is not easy for Amazon sellers to stand against competitor’s scores. Still, it’s not impossible as significant effort and robust strategies can grow your Amazon business to the next level.

You will see thousands of articles, videos, and books written on how to increase sales on Amazon. You either have to pay for them, and some are available for free. However, it’s not guaranteed that the techniques mentioned in these books will work out for you. It is because every business is different from others.

This article will let you know some useful information that can help you increase your Amazon sales in 2022. You have to follow some important strategies to make your business prominent. Below listed are some of these strategies:

1.    Amazon product listing


The first step to increase your Amazon sales is to look at your Amazon product listing. Are your pictures good enough to provide buyers with a complete description of your product and service? All the specifications and information of your brand should be mentioned accurately and effectively on-page.

Your focus shouldn’t be limited to bringing visitors to your Amazon page but also how to sustain their attention for a longer time on your product. If people are paying for your product, they will analyze the worth of your product in depth. If you want to attract consumers to purchase, it is important to provide enough details of your product with an attractive presentation.

The uniqueness of your product

Millions of sellers on Amazon provide a wide variety of products and services. The diversification of products and services on Amazon is immense. There is a high probability of finding competitors providing the same services no matter how unique your product is. Customers will appreciate your product if you offer high-quality products and generate better value.

Try to find a unique and useful product for customers in their daily routines. Try to make an amazing product different from your competitors. It will definitely payoff you in the future in terms of healthy profits.

Amazon SEO knowledge

Amazon market has its SEO algorithm, and being a seller, you have to understand this algorithm to become a prominent seller. It will help you rank your page on top of Amazon. There is a high probability that Amazon buyers will not search more than the top two or three pages of Amazon products. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the SEO of Amazon for ranking your products on the top page.

Researching the best keywords will make your product enlisted in top rankings on Amazon. Using the right keywords for your product can escalate the product’s ranking. For better understanding, look at the keywords that your top competitors are using and dominating the marketplace.

2.      Boosting brand reputation by getting reviews

Reviews are considered as the fundamental part to boost sales of Amazon. Buyers always consider what other people have to say about their purchase product. Do they analyze whether it’s worth investing in that product or not?

Buyers mostly believe word of mouth in shaping their purchase intention. They consider what others have to say about the product. The positive user experience will urge other buyers to invest in that product. You can get reviews from your customers through the following strategies:

Encouraging buyers for reviewing product and service 

  • You can send an email to buyers after purchase and urge them to leave a review on that product.
  • Sending a newsletter to customers to remind them of leaving a review if they have utilized your service.
  • Trying to be more creative, you can send a greetings letter to your customers for making the purchase and asking them to provide their feedback on the product.

Avoid misleading buyers

Customers ‘ demanding feedback is not bad if your company provides honest and authentic services. But to, demand reviews through tricks can mislead them towards authentication of your brand.

Don’t ever try to mislead buyers in attempting to force them to leave a review on your product, as it will harm you in response. If you do this, no matter If they like the product, customers will not leave a review. However, if they don’t like the product, they will certainly leave a bad review that will harm your brand’s reputation.

Providing the best customer service

Providing the best customer service is the key to generating positive reviews. Customers always want to be treated politely and respectfully if you’re going to retain them permanently. Communicating with your customers can make them feel like a part of your brand, urging them to leave positive reviews on your Amazon profile.

3.    Expand your brand awareness

If you want to increase your sales of products and services, it’s not bad to make your brand presence outside Amazon. If you invest in other online ecommerce platforms, then buyers will acknowledge the provision of your service on Amazon. You have to focus on the right channels for making this happen.

You can increase your brand awareness and sales on and off Amazon by following these strategies.

Using social media power

Using the power of social media to advertise your brand is the most effective investment in the modern era. Millions of people are using social media daily, and it’s worth investing in to reach a large number of buyers. It can be done in a number of ways:

  • Generating sponsored content
  • Acknowledging followers of your social media channels about your Amazon business.

These strategies can be used by existing brands and not for the startups having a low budget to invest in social media campaigns.

Creating blog to increase sales on Amazon

If you want to boost your sales on Amazon, then creating a blog is not a bad idea. You can provide useful content to your targeted audience that insists them stick with your page. The organic traffic generated from your web blog will make their purchasing decision through the attractiveness of your content.

You can provide useful information about your product, services, and niche. The content provided must be engaging and useful for customers. Please provide them with a good reason to come again to your website to visualize content.

Concluding Remarks

How to increase sales on Amazon is a strategic task that requires a lot of effort and critical skills. You have to adopt competent strategies to provide you with a competitive advantage over your rivalries. The points mentioned in this article can help you increase your sales on Amazon in 2022 to capture a significant market share of Amazon.