What Is a Brand Accelerator, and How Does they Work? Omer Riaz June 10, 2022

What Is a Brand Accelerator, and How Does they Work?

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Brand Accelerator after the emergence of COVID-19, the wave of e-commerce sales came out with full force and witnessed incredible growth. It was estimated that the e-commerce sales reached 870 billion US dollars in the US in 2021, a 14.2 percent increase compared to 2020 and a 50.5 percent increase from 2019. 

Amazon came out as the leading winner among all online marketplaces. The rising revenues showcase that the demand for purchasing online products has increased. Online sellers saw it as a lucrative option to expand their online business to capture further market share, and multiple new sellers arrived to take advantage of escalating sales numbers. 

However, grabbing customers’ attention towards your new e-commerce business is not easy as numerous potential sellers are already dominating the market. What can you do here?

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You can opt for a brand accelerator service who are there to turn your brand into a million-dollar business. They have the required knowledge to scale your brand into a profitable business in the short and long run. 

Let’s discuss the business model of a brand accelerator that is productive and beneficial to uplift your online brand performance. 

Increasing Brand Visibility 

All online sellers want their brand products to be visible in front of their audience to motivate their purchasing intention. Effective brand accelerator applies efficacious brand growth tactics to retain and attract visitors to the website so more people can buy your products. 

Their constructive strategies to increase brand visibility include: 

  • Store optimization with powerful SEO tactics.
  • Executing and managing paid advertisements. 

Brand visibility is responsible for raising your brand awareness. When people know about your brand, they will purchase your brand products. Therefore, brand visibility is fundamental. 

Boosting Conversions 

Conversion helps you compare and contrast your advertising performance on multiple online channels. For instance, you run your advertisement campaigns for your Amazon business on Facebook, Amazon, and Google ads and find that more conversions came from Amazon advertisements. 

Under this scenario, the beneficial strategy is to invest in Amazon advertising campaigns where you are receiving maximum conversion rates. 

These brand accelerators know the perfect strategy to convert visitors into buyers. They apply effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies to boost conversion rates and make good use of your advertising cost. 

Brand Diversification 

Brand diversification is an effective way to make your brand stand out under extensive competition. Selling your brand on multiple e-commerce marketplaces like Walmart and Shopify, including Amazon, can help you reach different marketplaces where people are waiting to buy your brand products. 

It is a perfect way to increase sales and traffic on your website. E-commerce accelerators diversify your brand presence after conducting thorough research on your business effectiveness to be successful in potential e-commerce platforms. 

Brand Reputation and Protection 

Your brand reputation is the picture of the perception customers, employees, and others have regarding your brand. If your brand’s reputation is strong, more people will trust your brand and invest in purchasing your product

Due to intensive market competition, brand protection has become necessary in the modern business environment. It’s important to register your trademark to protect your brand. 

The brand accelerator will keep your brand reputation clean and protected with regular checks. They monitor every operational aspect of the business and ensure that customers have the best possible experience after buying your brand products. 

Supply Chain Optimization 

Supply chain management is the core aspect of your business’s success. It’s a complex system as it involves obtaining raw materials, manufacturing, and delivering the final product to consumers within a short time frame. When the supply chain is optimized, it ensures the business procedures become fast and efficient. 

In 2022, major supply chain disruptions are expected as the economic shocks of Covid-19 have badly distorted the e-commerce supply chain structure. It is difficult for small online businesses to gain high profits under excessive supply chain problems. 

No matter whether your business is small or large, brand accelerators will optimize your supply chain by all means so you can deliver maximum orders within no time. They have an excessive supply chain network and provide potential strategies to minimize your supply chain costs by ensuring high profits. 

These Amazon brand accelerators or E-commerce marketplace accelerators identify the weak areas of the supply chain in your business and improve them, so there are no shipping delays or problems related to manufacturing. 

Discovering New Revenue Streams 

Most individual sellers are unable to scale their business after a specific point. This is because they have limited resources and business knowledge to create multiple revenue streams for their business. 

These product accelerators will identify new revenue streams for your business by introducing new products or launching your brand in multiple marketplaces. They know the world of e-commerce business inside and out, and they come up with unique ways to generate profits. 

If you plan to expand internationally and find it difficult to turn your business multinational, these accelerators will help you expand internationally. 

Financial Preparation

Are you the one who is looking for the next big opportunity and want to sell your business? Few sellers continue to take their existing e-commerce business for the long term, and others plan to sell it after reaching a specific point. 

These e-commerce accelerators prepare your finances to ensure that you get a profitable exit. They effectively fix the brand accounting, reflecting the true value of your business. 

What’s your Plan as An E-commerce seller?

I know that individual e-commerce sellers find it difficult to scale their online businesses. The competition in the e-commerce world is becoming highly aggressive, and small sellers can’t take market share unless they implement a unique and constructive plan. 

The best option to go for is to take the services of the brand accelerator to scale your business to its full potential. The business model of these accelerators is purely designed to scale your Amazon business to new heights. 

Are you ready to scale your e-commerce business by opting for the services of a renowned brand accelerator?


How to start a successful Amazon business?

  • Choose your business product and conduct thorough market research. 
  • Source your product from suppliers.
  • Effectively market your product on the Amazon platform. 

How to scale e-commerce business?

The brand accelerator can scale your business by following methods: 

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy. 
  • Provide exceptional customer experience.
  • Create a user-friendly website. 
  • Utilize the power of customer reviews. 
  • Outsource fulfillment.