Does the Amazon brand accelerator program worth it? Omer Riaz May 31, 2022

Does the Amazon brand accelerator program worth it?

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Consider an Amazon seller who is selling simple products and earning millions. Do you think it’s only the quality factor that results in massive sales? Quality does matter, but other significant factors are also included that are important to adhere to, like extensive research on finding and implementing helpful operational strategies and reaching the right customers. 

In the past, scaling the e-commerce business was a big challenge. Now, the latest technology-driven tools and multiple 3rd party agencies are there to help you foster your e-Commerce business. Amazon brand accelerator is among them who are specialized in selling your e-commerce products online.   

amazon brand accelerator

If you don’t know about these accelerators, let’s explore their fundamentals. 

Amazon Brand Accelerators 

Traditionally, Amazon businesses took years to develop their brand visibility to thousands of customers. Nowadays, technology has enabled the growth of e-commerce businesses within no time. 

Amazon brand accelerators handle your Amazon business day-to-day operations, supply chain, promotion of goods, and marketing. They try to make your brand profitable in the minimum time frame. Your operational costs are hard to manage when you handle your Amazon business individually, and profits are eroded. 

Amazon brand accelerators have the latest technology that helps them make informed decisions based on accurate analytics of your business. They spend resources on those business areas where you can receive maximum returns. 

Amazon Brand Accelerators Benefits 

Being an Amazon seller, you are excited to know the benefits of a brand accelerator for your business. These accelerators provide multiple benefits to fast-track your Amazon business growth. 

  • Brand accelerators value your time and financial resources. They enhance your business performance within a short time frame and connect you with customers to get orders. The modern online business environment is highly competitive, and it takes time to grab market share. 
  • They have the latest technological tools to analyze business situations and make informed decisions. Taking appropriate decisions in every business operational stage can save your costs and increase profits. 
  • Scaling your business is not an easy task for an individual seller. You should have firm control over your business if you want to scale. These accelerators manage your brand from every perspective, from handling your customers to handling your supply chain. You feel complete control over your business, and your business starts to scale. 
  • Brand accelerators effectively handle your business’s SEO and marketing side and enable you to grow organically. Receiving organic traffic can minimize your advertising costs, and you can receive a massive influx of customers. Consequently, your business will scale to new heights. 
  • Innovation is the competitive advantage of brand accelerators. They have the power of data to understand customer behavior and develop products that consumers will demand. They make your brand scalable for the long term through innovation. 
  • As your brand grows, you have to hire team members who can manage your selected business operations. It is time consuming and costly process. Amazon brand accelerator is one solution for your Amazon business success. They handle every aspect of your business at cost-effective prices and ensure a high return on investment (ROI). 

Business Model of Amazon Brand Accelerators 

After exploring the benefits, let’s dive into the business model of these brand accelerators. Their business model is based on the following elements: 

  • Analyzing e-commerce market: They analyze movements and trends in the e-commerce market through their technology usage. You have a better outlook of your business standings, and you can make constructive decisions accordingly to scale your business. 
  • Protecting your brand: Brand protection is very important for your business stability. When your brand is protected and enjoying a good reputation, your loyal customer base is increased. Brand accelerators have a team of legal experts specializing in protecting brands. These accelerators protect your brand by monitoring where your product is sold and by whom. If your brand is protected, your sales velocity will remain fluent, and there will be no hurdle in your business operations. 
  • Supply chain management: According to Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers of all sizes have faced supply chain problems in 2021 and are expected to face further in 2022. Under intensive supply chain disruptions, it’s hard to manage logistics and fulfillment. Brand accelerators always ensure that your Amazon business never gets out of stock and timely reaches customers’ destination. Despite challenges, they have a dedicated team to manage your supply chain. 
  • International Presence: Amazon accelerators have a keen eye on global market trends. They analyze your product demand in international marketplaces and sell them where customers wait to have your brand products. Their excellent customer service urges consumers to post positive reviews and retain customer lifetime value. 
  • Innovative strategies: Accelerators optimizes your e-commerce website by adding attractive images, videos, designs, etc. Providing a valuable shopping experience to customers can increase conversion rates and boosts profitability. 
  • SEO and Advertisement: They put their valuable experience into improving your website reach through SEO. Their focal point is improving your organic ranking and implementing a beneficial digital marketing strategy. Accelerators ensure that your advertising campaigns are up to the mark and convert visitors into buyers. Advertising needs a lot of money, and if the returns are not great, your profits will decline. Therefore, advertising campaigns should be strategized to attract consumers, and brand accelerators are specialized in this field.  
  • Consultation: Amazon accelerators possess years of experience scaling Amazon brands with powerful tactics. Their team members are industry top players who are assisting in growing brands. They provide top consulting services and develop roadmaps leading you towards success. 

What’s Next?

Do you have Amazon business? If yes, then Amazon brand accelerators can increase your brand value and revenues. Your brand is protected and safe in the hands of Amazon brand accelerator. 

Individually it’s difficult for you to scale your business. Handing over the technical side of your business to brand accelerators is the best option to take advantage of. 

Bottom Line

Amazon’s ecosystem is full of sellers and buyers interacting with each other to meet their concerns. After the COVID-19, the competition in the Amazon market escalated, and it became hard for small businesses to take market share. 

Amazon accelerators are there to uplift your brand growth, sales, brand awareness, and brand value. They handle all your Amazon business concerns with complete care. From customer service to supply chain management, they cover all. The latest technological-oriented tools and analytics enable them to undertake informed decisions. It saves your financial capital and increases your profitability. 


How to start a successful amazon business?

Starting a successful Amazon business isn’t easy unless you have a proper research-based plan on what you will sell and how to sell it. You have to choose innovative and demanded products; having a budget is essential, optimizing listings, designing advertising campaigns, etc. Each aspect should be dealt with effectively to start a successful amazon business. 

How to scale an ecommerce business?

Scaling an e-commerce business is a challenging factor unless you focus on the following elements: 

  • Develop marketing tactics.
  • Spend your financial capital on automation. 
  • Optimize your website and marketing strategies. 
  • Provide exceptional customer service. 
  • Use email marketing effectively.