Best Amazon Seller Conferences in 2022 Omer Riaz February 15, 2022

Best Amazon Seller Conferences in 2022

amazon seller conferences 2022

Best Amazon Conferences in 2022


It is best to get yourself updated by the trends of amazon sellers and the Amazon market by joining these productive Amazon conferences in 2022. Follow the Government’s SOPs and get yourself ready to participate in these events. It will convey all the strategies, ideas, and fresh perspectives. It will let you stay updated about the current strategies and information about the amazon market. If you want to start the amazon business, it is one of the best ways to jump-start by attending these amazon seller conferences in 2022.

Why Attend the Amazon Conferences in 2022?

All these best Amazon conferences in 2022 will be helpful in multiple online sources such as podcasts, blogs, webinars, and forums. Additionally, Amazon permits merchants to show you demos of what they offer and the most recent innovation and procedures accessible to assist you, which will increase your business marketing systems.

Moreover, these sorts of gatherings will illuminate how to be an Amazon Product Listing Specialist, however, make things clear about developing the Amazon business.

Best Upcoming Amazon Seller Conferences

You should attend the best Amazon seller conferences in 2022, which are discussed below:

Amazon Sellers Group TG (ASGTG)

Amazon Sellers Group TG (ASGTG) is the community that discussed the Amazon selling issues, and it was the simple idea that turned into the big and changed into the community. It has more than 500 Amazon sellers, and it has become the yearly based national event known as the Amazon sellers’ convention. It is the best amazon event which is outstanding and categorized as number 2 amongst the rest of the Amazon sellers events. This Conference greets and invites industry attendees from every background, such as all the amazon sellers on the marketplace. ASGTG has evolved into a go-to platform that offers qualified and experienced guidance similar to beginners and professionals. It is an informal group with a large number of Amazon sellers. This event aims to create awareness of the Amazon market through its extensive Conference on a broader scale.

  • Human resources and deals group
  • Network with Top 500 Amazon Professionals
  • Enjoy famous ASGTG buffet dinner
  • Notifications of changes in Amazon’s policies
  • Top Amazon Experts will be presenting.

Presented by: Ed Rosenberg

For: Private Label and Resellers on Amazon

Date: May 10-11, 2022


  • May 10th: Yankee-BlueJays Game for High Net Worth Sellers Pre-Event Networking Event at Exclusive Luxury Suite (Dinner included).
  • May 11th: All-day event at Kol Yaakov in Brooklyn

The Prosper Show

prosper show

The prosper show is an annual conference providing the best education and networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers. It is all about the growth of your business, and there is so much knowledge to gain. Several elements are different between the live options and online content. This show aims to offer consultation and education about Amazon sellers. They will handle all the information about Amazon ads conferences, trade shows, summits, etc. Moreover, these seminars are helpful to conduct the online Amazon business.

This one of the most incredible Amazon conferences 2022 leads with instruction first while furnishing merchants with leading solution/service providers in the Amazon system. The prosper community is excellent for the set-up Amazon online vendor looking to figure out how to fabricate its business all the more beneficially while meeting appointments. Moreover, specialist organizations can assist merchants with scaling their organizations all the more proficiently.

When: Mar. 14-16, 2022

Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

SellerCon 2022


SellerCon is The Largest FBA Seller Event. This is one of the important Amazon seller conferences that give dealers Up-to-date and Actionable Selling Strategies.

The universe of Amazon is continually evolving. In 2022, Amazon deals are anticipated to surpass $400 billion. You want the most recent procedures, strategies, and assets utilized by top Amazon dealers worldwide to remain ahead.

Sellercon, in the entirety of its brilliance, offers key direction for business advancement. The viability of these strategies can be questioned by individuals who are either enrolled or try to be the overseers of the abilities shared by Sellercon. According to finance managers that genuinely plan to develop their business, this esteemed Conference is a sparkling star.

In recent years, 15,000+ Amazon merchants worldwide joined SellerCon live to determine worldwide strategies and successful brands.

When: Summer 2022 (date TBD)

Attendees: 30,000+ Amazon top sellers

Where: TBD

Speakers: Meta the Hero, Glow Recipe, Creative Milkshake, the goodie Boom! and other big names.

Ticket Price: $29 for retailers while $29 for vendors (limited tickets!)

IRCE @ RetailX

retail x

IRCE provides educational sessions on the essential matters which matter to you the most. These are unique sessions given by the IRCE speakers who are well informed and prepared by the insightful, actionable, informational presentations.

It is a rapidly growing and well-established business, and it plays a significant role in the growth of your business. They do not cram or follow bookish material or theoretical knowledge, and they are supposed to follow contemporary expertise with many helpful tips and techniques to grow your business. They include the advanced workshops on Amazon listing, FBA, or working as a third-party seller.

When: May. 10-12, 2022

When: McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL

Speakers: TBC

When: May. 10-12, 2022

Exclusive: 20,000 retail designers, top retailers, and big tech companies. 

ASD Market Week


This Conference is intended to assist you with finding a stock that will set your Amazon inventory store.

It is the discount purchasing occasion from convenience stores to mold shops where any little to enormous measured internet business retailer can track down exceptional inventory for their business.

This marketplace sending goes about as item acknowledgment for some buyers and sellers. Expected sellers and buyers won’t just observe new business partners, but they will also keep new business sectors and developments streamed into the market.

Furthermore, the Conference is also home to the Source Direct presentation, a B2B show for wholesalers, retailers, and merchants to buy discount items from foreign manufacturers.

When: February 2nd 27-Mar. 2 in 2022 (Second event is in August 2022)

Where: North & West Halls, Las Vegas Convention Center, and Las Vegas, NV

Attendees: 45,000 loyal buyers from the retail market

Sellers Summit 2022


By attending the Amazon Sellers summit 2022, you will learn a lot of business strategies whether you sell on Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, or any online store. These effective strategies are proven successful and practiced by business owners. This is a three-day conference guided by vendor presentations, e-commerce speakers, and the strategies you can apply to your online website or web store to boost and grow your business. The organizers decided with software creators for the demo, and it will help you know about the e-commerce sales tactics and discover new tools.

When: May 4-6, 2022

Where. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ticket Price: 899$ – 1,499$

South Florida FBA Amazon Sellers

South Florida

A meeting group is made to plan the monthly meeting. It is a conference where the advanced Amazon seller strategies and basic seller strategies are discussed. It also tells about the different methods of increasing sales on Amazon. It also helps the FBA sellers to learn more about the business strategies in the specific market. Attending this Conference will help you, and it will give you insights into these experts, which will grow your business more.

When: All-year-round at various venues throughout Florida.

New York Amazon Seller Meetup


It is the most significant Conference and event for every advanced amazon seller. Amazon and every multichannel expert share their thoughtful, intellectual thoughts and powerful worldwide strategies. If you are a learner, beginner, or expert, this Conference is very beneficial, and you can get the best experiences from Amazon experts.

When: This Conference occurs every 2nd month. 

NRF — Amazon Seller Conferences


Marketing is a vast business that requires experience and never-ending learning. It is a large community with a global audience and exhibitors. NRF is the marketing conference which will tell you about the hunting process. It will tell you about the tactics, build your strategies, and create awareness about innovative ideas and relationships. It is a big retail show which will teach you innovative and regulatory programs.

The keynote speakers of the NRF conference include John Furner, President, and CEO of Walmart U.S.; Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley; Marvin Ellison, chairman, president, and CEO of Lowe’sLowe’s Companies, Inc.; and Brian Cornell, Board Chairman and CEO of Target Corp.

When: January 16 -18 (Sunday – Tuesday)

Where: New York City at the Javits Center

COVID and Amazon Conferences 2022

As we know, pandemics have taught us so much. One positive COVID test can ruin your holiday plans, business conferences, and trade shows. In-person events can get altered, postponed, and canceled. But people had attended the online business meetings, conferences, and trade business amazon shows even in the pandemic. Furthermore, the COVID-19 e-commerce business and Amazon sellers succeeded in ways they never had before despite all the challenges. Suddenly, people had to stay home and shop from their couch, and they had not stopped.

COVID-19 has brought challenges that let you be the couch potato and do online shopping and work. Now is the time to get up and do something productive in your life. Do not let the pandemic scare you off. Just seat belt yourself because it is time to take your traveling insurance and attend the Amazon ads conferences, amazon trade shows, and amazon summit in 2022. Add them to your bucket list!

Wrap Up:

Figuring out how to further develop your Amazon deals is a thought that will take you towards the pioneer of achievements. In the end, we can say Amazon seller conferences in 2022 are the right place to learn new knowledge, experience, and tactics. In this manner, it is beneficial to go to these conferences as from these meetings you can know examples that you can carry with you for a long time. You must follow the SOP’s and vaccinate yourselves before your travel.