How to Increase Your Amazon Sales? Omer Riaz February 25, 2022

How to Increase Your Amazon Sales?

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7 Tips to Increase your Amazon Sales

The technological revolution has changed business and market operations in the past two decades. With the emergence of eCommerce platforms, customers and sellers are more concerned about operating through online platforms for their easiness and promoting efficiency. Let’s look at eCommerce sales worldwide and its future forecast.

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Retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2024

E-commerce sales have shown upward growth over the past seven years. In 2020, eCommerce sales were 4.28 trillion dollars and will reach 6.38 trillion US dollars in 2024. These statistical figures show the power of eCommerce platforms in generating exceptional sales and their expected growth in the coming years.

As Covid-19 has hit the global grounds, Amazon became a retail eCommerce giant worldwide in capturing online sales due to lockdown restrictions. Sellers became interested in how to increase your Amazon sales in lockdown. In the presence of potential e-commerce competitors like Alibaba,, eBay, and others, Amazon came up with full force to capture dominant market share.

increase your Amazon sales

Top 10 largest E-commerce platforms by revenue

In the list of these top 10 largest E-commerce platforms, Amazon came up with the leading revenue of 386.06 billion US dollars. The competition in the Amazon e-commerce platform is increasing every day. Different businesses are trying to enlist their product on the Amazon eCommerce platform by witnessing its potential for generating business. Under this intense competition, increasing your Amazon sales and taking your business to a supreme level is not an easy task. It demands robust strategies for improving your sales on Amazon.

Effective Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales

Let’s explore the tips on increasing your Amazon sales by following some professional tips.

1.     Optimizing The Title of Your Product

The fundamental aspect that attains the attention of buyers is the title of the product. The product’s title follows a particular structure that needs to be abided by every seller. So, optimizing product title is significant for the sellers to attract customers. On Amazon, you might have observed that every product enlisted follows a specific effective description formula.

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Example of a good product title on Amazon

It is evident that the company uses the brand name, product name, and features of the product. These aspects are included in the product title to explain the best possible illustration of the enlisted product. The seller can incorporate other elements like product size, color, gender, or other specifications that best describe your product. These few things can incredibly increase your amazon sales.

The advantage of proper illustration of your product title enlisted on Amazon will allow buyers an in-depth understanding of your product and shape their purchase intention accordingly. More importantly, buyers will reach your product easily if the product title includes highly relevant keywords.

Let’s look at inclusion and exclusion criteria related to optimizing your product title on Amazon and increasing your product sales.

Usage of title casting in which the first letter is capital of every word, excluding prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.
The Brand name should be enlisted at the beginning of the title.
Most preferably, numerical numbers are essential in product title instead of words. For instance, use nine instead of nine.
Mentioning the product’s full name is necessary to avoid confusion between varieties or versions of the product.


Avoiding subjective descriptions in the product title is essential. For instance, “the greatest.”
Sellers should avoid enlisting promotional or pricing strategies on product descriptions, for example, mentioning free shipping or the product’s actual price. 
Merchant name or manufacturer name is essential to remove unless the enlisted product is on private label.


2.     Offering Competitive Prices

Price has always remained a significant role in shaping consumers’ purchase intention. The competition among different businesses is increasing to capture market share. Market competition in Amazon is becoming very steep day by day. Price is the biggest factor on Amazon that differentiates one seller from other. With the right pricing, you can increase your Amazon sales strategically. If you are planning to enlist your product on Amazon to generate business, it is important to research which products are worth promoting in the Amazon marketplace.

Research conducted by Alford & Biswas (2002) stated that offering competitive prices can urge consumers to buy more of a product at less cost. You can sell those items on Amazon to provide you with a sufficient return margin by offering cost-effective prices. One thing should be clear that product quality shouldn’t be compromised with the price. If you want to retain your customers for a long time, it’s essential to provide them with quality products at competitive prices.

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The survey of shoppers on competitive price offering

Illustrates the result of a survey in which 87 percent of shoppers said they prefer to buy those products offering good price deals that shape their purchasing intention. Therefore, for increasing sales on the Amazon platform, you must offer competitive prices to your customers to boost sales and revenues.

3.    Get Feedback and Reviews

Customers’ reviews and feedback are critical to increase your Amazon sales. Customers who want to buy your product on Amazon will analyze the reviews and feedback provided by your valued customers that have used that product. If the reviews are positive, there is a high probability that customers will buy your product.

The study entitled “The Growing Power of Reviews” highlighted that 97 percent of the buyers check the reviews of a product before shaping their purchase intention. It elaborates how critical the role of reviews is in attracting customers to your product. In addition to this, reviews can boost your sales by 18 percent, which is an impressive figure to run your business effectively.

Feedback five is a tool different e-commerce businesses use to analyze your reviews’ analytics and customer feedback for automated review requests. Feedback five-tool offers you instant feedback regarding customers’ reviews so that you can shape your strategies and customer handling accordingly.

4.    Improving Product Photos Quality

The outlook of products enlisted on e-commerce websites can quickly grab customers’ attention if the photography of the product is exceptional. Research suggested that 90 percent of online buyers indicate that the quality of product photos is the most critical factor in eCommerce sales.

Suppose your product photos on Amazon are attractive and show product credibility, then it’s more likely to impact consumer attraction towards the product. Justuno suggested that 93 percent of the consumers consider the visual content to be the critical factor in shaping their purchasing intention.

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Photography of an online product

Big-commerce conducted a study and found that around 78 percent of online shoppers want the photographers of the product to bring the product to life. The visual effect of the product should tell a story of the brand instead of just showcasing the product. It will allow consumers to get more intermingled with your brand. Hence, improving product photos quality can increase your sales on Amazon.

Well, here are a few tips that can help you improve product photography:

  • Using a white backdrop or light background can make the product more prominent.
  • Using flash should be avoided.
  • Tripod can be used for getting stabilized and accurate images.
  • Photos of a product should be taken from different angles to showcase its uniqueness.

These tips can be helpful for you in showcasing your unique product and attracting customers’ attention towards your product on Amazon. It is an effective way to increase your Amazon sales.

5.    Optimizing Product Listing for Generation of Sales

Optimizing product listing is very important for sellers to generate their sales on Amazon. If you are not following Amazon seller guidelines and SEO practices while listing your products, then you should be ready to face significant financial loss.

As a seller, if you want people to click on your product through listings on Amazon, hiring a professional copywriter to get high-quality, informative content for your product is very important.

The inclusion of inadequate content regarding the product, poor copywriting, and mistakes in the product description are the few reasons that resist buyers from clicking on your product. Hence, you need to check any possible grammatical or illustration mistakes regarding your product to avoid unprecedented circumstances. Long sentences can remove buyers’ attention from your product so try to be as specific as possible.

Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your Amazon product listing:

  • Spelling mistakes should be avoided in the description of the product.
  • Grammatical errors are very important to avoid.
  • A professional copywriter should be hired for product listing.
  • Avoid using those sentences that are inappropriate or don’t make any sense.
  • High-ranking keywords should be used for optimizing product listing and generating sales.
  • Product content should be easy to read.

6.    Conducting Off Amazon Promotions

Conducting product promotions aside from the Amazon platform can be highly effective in increasing brand awareness. Off Amazon promotions will allow you to target a new audience and get ahead of your competitors.

Using promotional strategies aside from Amazon will reach new customers looking for something to buy from Amazon. You can promote your products or brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to reach a massive audience. The research found that 70 percent of social media marketing businesses have received their customers through Facebook. It illustrates the effectiveness of different social media platforms for generating sales and revenues.

increase your Amazon sales

A general illustration of social media marketing

Illustrates different social media marketing platforms through which you can get potential customers to increase your Amazon sales. It is interesting to note that in 2020 around 3.6 billion people were using social media globally. This fig will reach 4.41 billion in 2025, as shown in fig 7.

increase your Amazon sales

Social media users worldwide from 2017 to 2025

The number of social media users is increasing, and it’s a great opportunity for you to grab a massive audience through social media marketing to generate sales. Stats shows with right social media marketing you can increase your Amazon sales. You can use different promotion strategies by offering discounted prices and promo codes to generate excessive sales through social media platforms. You can get ahead of competitors by opting for this strategy. In concern with this, Scale brand can provide you with practical strategies to increase your sales on Amazon within no time.

7.    Optimizing Inventory and Profits

Optimizing your business operations requires offering competitive prices, spending excessively on marketing, and still profit in competition. If you are a businessman and can afford to spend as much as possible to acquire a new customer, you win. For instance, if you can afford to spend 150 US dollars to acquire new customers and remain in profit while your competitor can only 100 US dollars to gain customers and remain in profit, you win. You will increase your Amazon sales in comparison to your competitor.

For making profits and sales, optimizing Inventory practices is very important. You can conduct these inventory practices for optimizing your inventory and gaining huge profits:

  • Running out of stock will negatively impact your sales and revenue. So never run out of stock while running a business.
  • You should avoid over-ordering and deal with extra fees of storage
  • Ordering too much late and paying too much for air shipping should also be avoided.

You can use Amazon inventory management software to make this process easier. Hence, optimizing inventory management is very important for generating sales on Amazon and making profits.

Bottom Line

The above listed are the seven professional tips that can increase your Amazon sales. By following these recommended effective and robust strategies, different businesses operating on Amazon can increase their sales effectively in the competitive environment.