Best Ways to Scale Your Amazon Business Omer Riaz May 30, 2022

Best Ways to Scale Your Amazon Business

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Sellers know how hard it is to manage their Amazon businesses. They take on every possible effort to make their business successful. 

One can see the hard work of Amazon sellers to run their businesses. Despite the hard work of these sellers, profit margins differ across each of them. The difference in the profits is due to the variation in strategies implemented by these sellers. 

Another person can handle different business tasks, and you can focus on other potential ideas. If you have an e-commerce store on Amazon, here are some ideas on how to scale your Amazon business. 

scale your Amazon business

Presence in Multiple Marketplaces 

While thinking of how to scale your Amazon business, have you ever thought of expanding your business across multiple marketplaces. If you have successfully dominated the Amazon marketplace, other e-commerce platforms like eBay and Walmart are suitable for you to perform well. 

The lucrative facility of Amazon’s business is the FBA service that provides them a competitive advantage. Expanding across other marketplaces can scale your business to new heights if you have your fulfillment system. 

Outsource Your Time-Oriented Tasks 

Being an Amazon seller, you have to deal with listing optimization, inventory management, handling customer service, etc. Spending your time on these tasks will keep you away from scaling your business. 

Use your spare time thinking about constructive strategies and plans that can scale your e-commerce business.  For instance, do extensive market research, expand your suppliers’ network, increase brand awareness, etc. Things like customer service, listing optimization, and a few others can be outsourced from 3rd parties, or you can hire a dedicated staff to handle these services. 

Diversify your Online Existence

You might be a successful Amazon seller, but don’t ever entirely rely on the Amazon platform. If you are selling on Amazon, you have to follow its rules and regulations. 

Amazon can ban your business account, or you can face multiple other problems, no matter how big a brand you are or how high your revenue is. 

  • Create your online e-commerce website. It shows people your brand authenticity and credibility. Afterward, more customers will reach your business and increase your customer base. 

Shopify has made it easy to create an attractive website at only 30$ per month. More importantly, you don’t have to pay commissions on the sales generated through your e-commerce website, which means cost savings. Resultantly, cost savings lead to business scalability. 

  • You can capture visitors’ emails when they visit your website through effective tracking tools. Email marketing is reliable for retargeting your customers and boosting sales. 
  • Advertisements have become a needed service for e-commerce sellers to grab customers and increase brand awareness. Although famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart have millions of loyal customers, business competition is extremely high.  

Amazon sellers can engage through social media platforms, running targeted Amazon PPC advertisements, and having an optimized website. Your business will scale when more customers buy your products after watching advertisement campaigns. 

Expanding in Further Amazon Markets

Amazon sellers can quickly expand into international Amazon markets to grow their business. Before expanding into the UK, Europe, or any other state, conduct research. 

Study the tax regulations and best fulfillment system. Many Amazon sellers don’t like to expand internationally due to complicated tax regulations. 

If you want to have more information, you can read the guide on Amazon Global Selling to have a better idea. 

Go for Affiliate Marketing 

Amazon sellers should go for having an affiliate program. US affiliate marketing is expected to reach 8.2 billion US dollars in 2022. 

Are you extracting profits from your business? If yes, then invest some portion of them in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing deals with paying different influencers or companies to advertise their products and services and make sales. 

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to scale your Amazon business. Affiliates promote your product and receive a significant commission of sales. Affiliate programs make it easy for your business to reach customers without spending too much on other advertisement techniques. 

Practice this marketing type and get ready for valuable results. 

Start Dropshipping for Other Brands 

Another way toward business scalability is dropshipping for 3rd party brands. 3rd party sellers handle the fulfillment task. Dropshipping requires less investment as you don’t have to ship or store the products you are selling. 

The profits are not that high in the dropshipping business model. In short, drop shippers act as a middle man between buyers and sellers. 

Becoming drop shippers for 3rd party brands comes with different benefits. When they introduce a new product, you can market that product to your audience. Your good relationship with the suppliers is fundamentally crucial in the dropshipping business model. 

You cannot control the customer service effectively in dropshipping because any mistake made by suppliers in delivery will leave a wrong impression on the customer, and your reputation will be distorted.     

Offer 24/7 Customer Support 

Customers are the primary source of your Amazon business growth. Consumers always expect customer service from a reliable and trustworthy company. There must be someone who can reply to the queries or problems customers are facing 24/7. Conversions chances rise when you have fantastic customer service. And fantastic customer support is key to scale your Amazon business. 

Providing exceptional customer service can win consumer trust in your brand and urge them to purchase from your e-commerce store again. Chatbot service promises to provide 24/7 chat to the visitors who visit your website for any queries or to contact you. 

Focus on Customer Retention Strategy 

In the long run, Retaining a customer is the most challenging job in the modern era. Competition has reached an extent where your brand’s minor mistake can switch consumers to your competitors. 

If you want to scale your e-commerce business, providing quality service to existing customers is crucial. Collect customer opinions about your services and products and work on the weak areas customers suggest. 

Retaining a customer is cost-effective because customer acquisition cost is much higher. Offer discounted deals, coupons, and other such incentives to have repeat sales. Customers’ lifetime value enhances when you care for your customers. 

Bottom Line 

Now, you know the potential ideas on how to scale your Amazon business. You can practice these ideas and see how it works for your business. Never compromise on product quality and service effectiveness. 

Business scalability is achievable unless you have a strong business foundation, control over your business, and market knowledge.  


How to start a successful amazon business?

Providing high-quality customer experience, competitive pricing, conducting market research, maintaining a good relationship with suppliers, planning your budget, and conducting an effective marketing plan are essential factors you can opt to start a successful Amazon business. 

How to scale an ecommerce business?

Establishing a potential marketing strategy, investing in automation, optimizing the website, and providing exceptional customer services are some beneficial tips to Scale Your Ecommerce Business.