What is the Amazon business accelerator? Omer Riaz May 10, 2022

What is the Amazon business accelerator?

amazon black business accelerator

Amazon business accelerator: Pros and Cons 

The Amazon business accelerator program is another constructive opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage their global presence.

The program was offered to help startups alleviate their business. Under this program, Amazon promotes your product in their marketplace and manages your supply chain.

Under the intense business competition in the Amazon ecosystem, this program is beneficial for the startups to get the growth they need for their business.

This guide will provide you with a thorough understanding of the program necessary for you to know.

amazon business accelerator

What is Amazon Business Accelerator Program?

According to Amazon, “Amazon Accelerator enables manufacturers to launch brands and innovative products exclusively on Amazon and provides a path to become an Amazon Private Brand supplier.”

The fundamental aim of Amazon in this accelerator program is to build private label businesses in their marketplace. Amazon sells these products as their own, provided by private label manufacturers.

Your business provides products to the Amazon marketplace, and they control your brand. It might look uncomfortable that Amazon is controlling your business, but some benefits are associated with the Amazon business accelerator program.

Benefits of the Amazon Business Accelerator Program

Some of the benefits of joining an accelerator program include:

Testing marketplace 

After joining the program, you are allowed to launch new and innovative products in the largest E-commerce marketplace. You can get instant feedback on your product’s effectiveness and its capability to grab customers.

You only have to provide the products, and Amazon has to promote them in their marketplace.

Marketing Assistance 

Business marketing is becoming essential to create brand awareness in the modern competitive environment. After launching products on this platform, the Amazon marketing team will start their marketing efforts.

They will create content for your product pages, provide free PPC marketing, and deliver marketing support on other online platforms.

You can have the lucrative opportunity to get your products visible on the Amazon homepage during holiday sales and huge events like Amazon Prime Day.

Tools for supporting your business growth

Online tools offer influential power to support your business growth. You can have access to Amazon vine reviews that will help to boost your business growth by building your market presence. These reviews are very costly if you buy them for a single product.

However, you have to face certain costs besides these additional benefits.

Disadvantages of Amazon Accelerator

There are also certain disadvantages associated with the amazon business accelerator program that includes:

Control loss 

After joining an accelerator program, you can lose control over your business. Amazon will sell your products as their own. They will control major business areas like supply chain, product pricing, product promotions, and product listing page.

Overall, they control all fundamental aspects of your business.

Dependent on Amazon 

Under this program, you can’t sell your products on other online platforms. It means you will be limited to the Amazon marketplace and depend on them.

You can’t increase your earnings as you will solely depend on Amazon to support your business. Amazon will be your brand owner with the authority to remove you from the accelerator program. So, this program comes with a certain opportunity cost.

What is the Amazon Black Business Accelerator Program?

Amazon’s black business accelerator is dedicated to providing influential growth opportunities to black-owned businesses. You can grow your business by having access to financial assistance, strategic business direction, marketing, and promotional support.

You have to apply for this program to receive the benefits. You should apply as a US-based Amazon professional seller, selling on Amazon in the US, participating in the Amazon certification program, with a minimum of one certification uploaded to Seller Central. Amazon Certification program enables the identification of sellers to customers looking to support varied businesses.

Right now, the black business accelerator Amazon program benefits are for those sellers who have uploaded their minority-owned business registration into their seller account from National Minority Supplier Development Council, US.

You have to meet these requirements before becoming eligible for Amazon black business accelerator program. Once these requirements are met, you are ready to enroll. You can further visit this page to submit the interest form.

Benefits of the Black Business Accelerator program 

  • Amazon will be providing financial assistance for your business related to advertising, operational costs, imaging, and other cash grants. You will receive handsome cash flow as assistance that can help your business to get a significant jump.
  • Strategic advisory services will be provided through coaching and training that will help you to take your business to another level. In addition to this, you can have access to multiple education resources that help enhance your knowledge.
  • Amazon also provides marketing and promotional support to make your brand visible to consumers.

There are other benefits as well. The fundamental aim of this business program is to empower black-owned businesses. Hence, you can apply for this program if you meet all the requirements and get ready to achieve maximum benefits.


What is the Amazon accelerator?

Amazon accelerator provides an opportunity for private label businesses to launch their products in the Amazon marketplace and become Amazon Private Brand Suppliers.

What is a business accelerator on Amazon?

Manufacturers can launch their products on Amazon through the business accelerator program. You can supply products to Amazon and become their Private Brand Supplier.

What does the Black Business Accelerator do?

Black Business accelerator provides access to capital, marketing, guidance, and mentorship to support black business owners to succeed in the Amazon ecosystem.

What is Amazon Black?

Amazon Black business accelerator program is developed to provide growth opportunities to black-owned businesses.

In the End

If you are a startup and looking to grow your E-commerce business, then the Amazon business accelerator program is suitable for you. You have to sacrifice some control over your business, but you will have multiple benefits from joining the program.

Similarly, the black business accelerator program also comes up with potential benefits. You have to meet the requirements of these programs to get enrolled and start your successful business journey.