Tips to grow your Amazon FBA business Omer Riaz June 2, 2022

Tips to grow your Amazon FBA business

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Since the emergence of Covid-19, the e-Commerce industry got a significant boom in financial growth. Amazon stands out as the winner in the e-commerce ecosystem. Millions of customers around the globe diverted their focus toward online shopping. By witnessing the vast market potential of Amazon, multiple Amazon FBA sellers entered the sphere of Amazon. But do you know as an Amazon FBA seller how to grow your Amazon FBA business?

grow your amazon fba business

There are around 9.5 million Amazon sellers around the globe, out of which 73 percent are FBA sellers. Amazon’s FBA business model dominates the Amazon ecosystem. The benefit of Amazon’s FBA business is that Amazon handles all of your fulfillment processes from picking the product, packaging, shipment, and providing customer service for all products. 

It’s a fact that many Amazon FBA business sellers cannot scale their business beyond certain levels. Do you have any Amazon FBA business plans to grow your online business? If not, here are some ways you can practice to grow your Amazon FBA business.

How to grow your Amazon FBA business

Following are the ways to grow your Amazon FBA business:

Invest in your passion 

Avoid investing in a business in which you have no interest. Even if that business is highly profitable, if you are not passionate about it, don’t invest. Selling something that includes your interest gives you a competitive advantage in that specific industry. 

Hire the people who encompass the same goals and passion as you have as an Amazon FBA business owner. A team working on the same goals and interests can bring unprecedented benefits to the business. 

Improve your existing connections and build new ones to have a diversified relationship with people who can provide exceptional paybacks. Refine your supply chain management by maintaining good supplier relationships. If you successfully find a good supplier providing you with cost benefits and quality assurance, it can grow your FBA business in the long term. Still, walk around the market and look for further options that can be rewarding for business growth. 

Observe financial parameters 

Always keep the track record of every business operation. As an Amazon FBA seller, you have limited financial resources to invest. Every business expense should be kept under record to observe a return on investment. 

Mainly, sellers don’t save data on their daily expenses and returns, distorting their financial parameters. Having a proper track record of business finances lets you know the value of your business and help buyers understand your FBA business financial performance if you ever think of selling your business. 

After knowing how to start an Amazon FBA business, most people invest in Amazon management tools to automate certain business operations and maintain a financial record of every transaction. You can use them to grow your online business. 

Website Creation 

Although you will have different Amazon business ideas in your mind, one of them can be creating your brand website. Amazon has millions of customers, and to take advantage of this vast marketplace filled with customers, Amazon FBA sellers prefer to sell within the Amazon market. Even though, as an FBA seller, you will be receiving great feedback from customers who don’t know about your brand. Even if you witness someone holding your product, most will answer that Amazon has provided them with this product. 

Therefore, FBA sellers need to work on creating their brand awareness. Create your website and invite customers to see your brand presence. You can engage with your customers on your website and ask them to share their valuable information. Ask your customers to leave their email addresses and notify them of any updates, promotions, and product innovations regarding your brand. 

Expanding Team 

Look for hiring people for the less critical tasks like Amazon listing optimization. Leaving these tasks to employees will allow you to focus on other factors of your business that are crucial to expanding, like building relationships and marketing. 

After your Amazon FBA business starts making money, you can expand your team by hiring customer service specialists or financial analysts who will look after your influential business parts.  

Improve your Best Seller Rank 

There is no universal strategy to improve your seller rank; however, a few crucial things can pay off sooner or later. 

The first thing you should focus on is beating the existing competition. It isn’t easy, but you have to compete with potential sellers. One way to do so is to witness what leading competitors are doing and adjust your strategies parallel to them. For instance, if your competitor is offering the same product as yours at a lower price, offer your customers the same or low price to gain customers’ attention. Otherwise, invest in those categories having low competition. 

Another important factor here to mention is customer reviews. According to Jungle Scout, 82 percent of adults in America check product reviews. If your Amazon FBA business is already enjoying healthy earnings, a few negative reviews will not make a big difference, right? Wrong. Any Amazon FBA seller who wants to surpass their competitors should provide exceptional products and quality services to their customers. 

Utilizing Amazon management tools 

Making your Amazon FBA business successful without using Amazon management tools is challenging. Your business can’t compete with those sellers using these intelligent tools to operate in the Amazon marketplace. 

Multiple Amazon Management tools in the market can help you manage your inventory, advertisements, financial metrics, and other vital aspects.  

Every management tool comes up with different prices, but the return on investment is high if you utilize them. Find out the best Amazon management tools and opt for the one benefit for your FBA business.

Take advantage of paid advertisements 

Implementing the Search Engine Optimization strategy is an excellent option for your FBA business, but it’s a time-consuming process and requires patience. So why not invest in paid advertisements. Through advertisements, you can receive a massive influx of customers within no time. 

Do you know that Amazon sellers earn between 26,000 – 810,000 US dollars annually and the earning highly depends on the effective use of Amazon advertisements? However, the advertisement’s attractiveness matters a lot. Study your target customers and know what they like to see in your products. You won’t believe how effectively it can work to urge customers to buy your products. 

In the End 

Now you know different ways how to grow your Amazon FBA business. You can’t make your FBA business successful without having a proper business plan and implementing proven strategies to attain desired goals. 

In this article, you can find valuable ways to grow your FBA brand. Every business is different. Still, the above-listed strategies are capable enough to pay out sooner or later. 


How do I expand my FBA business?

You have to adhere to these things to expand your business: 

  • Regularly observe the financial parameters of your business. 
  • Improve your best seller rank.
  • Take advantage of paid advertisements.
  • Expand your team.
  • Use Amazon Management tools.

How do I get more FBA sales?

There can be several ways like optimizing your listings, conducting extensive keyword research, including attractive product images, running optimized PPC campaigns, etc. 

What percentage of Amazon FBA sellers are successful?

According to the survey by Jungle Scout, 64 percent of Amazon sellers reported that they were profitable in the first year of selling on the biggest online marketplace. 

How do sellers grow on Amazon?

Every business is different; still, the sellers who grow on Amazon mostly get help from influencers, run advertisements and provide exceptional quality and customer service. 

How do I get more orders from Amazon?

To get more orders your need to grow your Amazon FBA business. Following are the ways to get more traffic on your Amazon store. 

  • Conduct effective keyword research. 
  • Incorporate high-quality images.
  • Offer competitive pricing.
  • Extract maximum positive reviews.
  • Ensure providing quality services.