How ecommerce brand aggregator works to increase your brand value? Omer Riaz May 23, 2022

How ecommerce brand aggregator works to increase your brand value?

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Ecommerce brand aggregator or Amazon aggregator companies gained significant importance in the past few years. Their excessive growth and capability of scaling acquired businesses to new heights became dominant.

If you are running an Amazon FBA business, it’s challenging to scale your business with higher growth rates due to limited financial resources. These aggregators have excessive funding resources, which they utilize in scaling brands and extracting maximum profits.

ecommerce brand aggregator

Amazon market competition reached new levels during the pandemic, and with the emergence of the Amazon aggregator model, competition increased further to take market share. Brands acquired by aggregators performed exceptionally well in the short run, proving their strength in enhancing brands’ value.

You must be thinking of the magical strategies FBA acquirers are practicing to increase the revenues of acquired brands. This article will look at how these Ecommerce aggregators increase acquired brands’ revenue.

The Concept of Amazon Aggregators 

You might don’t know about Ecommerce brand aggregator. The Amazon aggregator team is composed of the brightest minds in the Ecommerce industry. They acquire profitable brands and scale them to add value and generate profits from the acquired brands.

They have the latest tools and technology to scale these acquired businesses. They select the right companies to make their acquisition process successful.

How Can Aggregators Increase Your Revenue?

The invention of Amazon aggregators was motivated by the increase in online shopping demand across the globe during the pandemic. US retail sales reached 4.55 trillion US dollars in 2021 compared to 3.99 trillion US dollars in 2020.

The hyper-growth of the Ecommerce industry urged Amazon aggregators to acquire profitable brands on Amazon and add value to them to generate higher profits. They can scale different brands quickly due to the availability of excessive funding.

Let’s explore the factors how these ecommerce brand aggregators can increase your revenue:

  • Brand aggregators have excessive funding resources. In the past three years, these aggregators have generated billions of US dollars in funding from different venture capital firms. They utilize these funding resources to scale acquired brands. The availability of excess funds is the fundamental factor responsible for brand aggregators’ ability to scale brands quickly.

Individual sellers can’t grow their business with high profitability in a short time due to having limited financial resources. Aggregators invest aggressively in adding additional value to your brand to increase sales and revenues.

  • Amazon aggregators have the latest technological tools and data analytics to make informed decisions regarding acquisition purposes. They analyze your brand performance and strategize accordingly to increase the value of the acquired brand.

Informed decisions result in improving business performance and expanding quickly in additional markets.

  • After the acquisition, marketplace aggregators try to expand your brand in international markets to increase brand awareness. If more eyeballs view the product, more people will buy it. Therefore, these aggregators expand globally without wasting time and generating revenues in less time.
  • The ecommerce brand aggregator has a team of talented and skilled people with years of experience in the Ecommerce industry. They are capable of scaling different brands in any business environment. Their team has exceptional SEO and Amazon knowledge that pays them off in high profits.

One can never leverage these benefits by working on their own. Aggregators take care of your business and turn it into the brand you have dreamed of reaching on your own.

  • Aggregators have excessive supply chain knowledge, which they utilize to manage acquired brands’ supply chain issues. They are in contact with numerous suppliers making them capable enough to meet a cost-effective supply chain network.

FBA acquirers make sure that no products under their control get out of stock or they are unable to meet increasing demand. Improving your supply chain structure can provide you unimaginable profits in your business, and aggregators have a competitive advantage.

  • Challenges are there in every business. However, talented teams, excessive funding resources, and extensive industry size make aggregators more likely to tackle any business challenge.

In 2022, aggregators are facing significant challenges impacting their profitability. However, their successful track record of growth highlights that they might become successful in meeting those challenges.

  • The ecommerce brand aggregator always acquires those brands that are profitable. They don’t acquire those products having a high probability of getting fad after some time. So, it can be a winning strategy.

Acquiring a profitable brand and scaling it further to expand its portfolio sounds easy but complicated to practice. It takes an intelligent mindset and qualified industry knowledge to do so, which aggregators possess.

  • Aggregators work on the latest trending market strategies to increase their acquired business profits, and they always pay them off. Top Ecommerce aggregators have generated millions of dollars in revenue by working on advanced tactics.

Is It the time To Sell Your Amazon FBA Business to Ecommerce Brand Aggregator?

Everyone is excited to start their Ecommerce business successfully. After receiving positive results, the demand for your business products increases, and the company expands. As your business grows, it becomes difficult to manage it.

If you feel that the point you wanted to get has been accomplished, go for selling your Amazon FBA business. If you have financial resources and want to hire staff and expand your business, go ahead. Most sellers take their business forward, and many sellers are happy after their business reaches a specific level and plan to exit from their business.

Multiple sellers start their journey to scale their brands to the level where they can receive a massive price for their business. They spend heavily on marketing their products as they know that it will pay off immensely in the future, and they can invest that money in other potential businesses.

Suppose you are thinking of selling your Amazon FBA business and want to invest in new business ideas. In that case, you have to search for an Ecommerce brand aggregator that can buy your profitable business.

As a business owner, you think you can’t manage it further, and someone else can take care of this business. We know that you want your brand to be in safe hands. At this point, you should consider selling your business to these aggregators.

These aggregators have the experience of scaling your business with their years of experience in the Ecommerce industry, excessive funding resources, the latest technology and data analytics, etc. You don’t have to worry about your brand growth after handing selling your business to Ecommerce aggregators.


Amazon aggregators entered the ecosystem of the Ecommerce market will full force and dominate the industry. Several things provide them a competitive advantage over others in scaling the acquired businesses and getting profits.

These ecommerce brand aggregators have massive funding they receive from venture capital firms, a billion-dollar industry, strong teams with years of experience in the Ecommerce industry, the latest technology and data analytics, and excessive supply chain management knowledge. These characteristics enable them to increase the acquired brand revenues in less time frame.


What kind of business is an aggregator?

In the aggregator business model, the information related to any specific product or business is collected, and they make them their partner after collecting the required information.

What is an aggregator business model?

Ecommerce brand aggregators, often known as Amazon aggregators, acquire different businesses and scale them to earn profits.