What is brand value in marketing? How to increase it? Omer Riaz June 17, 2022

What is brand value in marketing? How to increase it?

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Covid-19 has changed consumer behavior, due to which multiple companies and businesses have changed their operational strategies. Every business owner wants to increase the brand value to get a high return on investment. 

If you are not aware of what is brand value in marketing, then we will guide you to understand its concept and provide ways to increase brand value. 

 brand value in marketing

What is Brand Value in Marketing?

Brand value is the total monetary worth of your business. If anyone buys or wants to merge with your brand and use your brand logo and identity to sell their products or services, your brand value will be the amount they are willing to pay for your business. 

You may be spending a lot on advertisements, digital marketing strategies, and brand building. If they are practiced effectively, they play a significant role in increasing your brand awareness. Whenever you are aiming to build brand value, you need to build brand equity. 

Know the comparison of brand equity vs. brand value, then start the journey to develop these crucial brand-building variables. 

Now let’s discuss the tips to increase your  brand value in marketing 

Tips to Increase Your Brand Value 

Following tips can increase your brand visibility and trigger popularity. 

Understanding Your Target Audience

Understanding your targeted audience’s core aspects is vital to making your business successful. Consider the nature of your product and think about the problems that the product can resolve and who are those consumers demanding your product. 

Once you understand your customers purchasing behavior, your decision-making process will enhance. Through this practice, you can know consumer preferences and motivate their purchasing intention for your products. 

Investing in Video Marketing 

Video marketing is a very strong tool of digital marketing. In the modern era, internet users watch video content more than ever. It plays an important role in increasing brand awareness and brand value. 

Through video marketing, you can add your creativity to create an eye-catching and emotional impact of your brand on consumers. According to research, nearly 64 percent of the consumers prefer watching brand videos to learn about their offered products. 

Every successful brand practices video marketing, which has proven to be an important element of their success. It is also responsible for increasing conversion rates and resulting in high engagement. 

If you plan to invest in video marketing, ensure that your content is attractive and powerful to generate success. Your brand videos should be meaningful, short, and straightforward. Your brand message should be promoted in this video without putting extra emphasis on the advertisement. 

Design Compelling Logo

Brand logo plays a significant role in creating your brand identity and enhancing your business value. If you look at the brand logo of Amazon, it conveys a message to its consumers. In this way, customers can resonate effectively with your brand. 

A study revealed that 60 percent of consumers avoid brands with unappealing and unattractive logos. Create a logo that is easy to understand and remember by customers. 

Conduct Advertising for Your Brand 

Advertising is an effective strategy to boost brand awareness, brand value, and sales. People often plan to grow organically by investing in SEO and other optimization techniques, but it takes time. Advertising can bring your customers within no time to give your business.  

Use every possible channel for advertising, whether it’s electronic or print media. Utilize different promotional strategies by offering discounts on your products or conducting events for advertisements. 

Sustain the Quality of Your Business 

Your business’s long-term success and brand value depend on the quality of products and services you are offering to customers. If you neglect the quality of your products, sooner or later, you have to face the consequences in terms of a decline in sales and business growth and extinction of a loyal customer base. 

Always follow and keep firm on the value and commitments guaranteed to provide your customers at any cost. Stick to your committed words. Multiple brands fail because they aggressively invest in advertising and marketing but fail to provide quality. 

Offer Competitive Prices 

Most consumers are price-conscious. Offering low prices for your products without compromising on quality can be a beneficial strategy to increase your market share and brand value. 

On the other side, if you are charging high prices for your products, never compromise on the quality. Competitive and leading businesses compete on prices in the market by sustaining quality. 

Customers Are Always Right 

Listen to your customers and understand what they want from your product and services. Always encourage them to provide their feedback. It will help you to improve different aspects of your brand. 

Offer discounts to customers and ask them to leave reviews. These reviews can convince future customers to buy your products. Provide exceptional customer experience to make them your regular customers. 

Take Advantage of Social Media 

We live in the era of social media, and every successful business is utilizing its power to grab customers’ attention. According to research, there are 4.82 billion social media users around the globe. 

Use social media power as a part of your marketing campaign. You can find millions of people on social media interested in buying your products. Facebook, Instagram, and a few other popular social platforms can be great platforms to start the social media journey of your brand. It will dramatically increase your brand value. 

Create an Attractive Website 

Technology is transformed to an unimaginable extent, and your business cannot do well without having a unique website. People can witness your online presence through the website and view your offered products and services in detail. 

Ensure to develop a user-friendly website. Nearly 74 percent of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites. It can be a great catalyst to boost your sales and conversion rates. 

Invest in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to rank higher in search engines. Make sure that your website’s design and quality are fully optimized. 


How do you explain a brand value?

Brand value is the total monetary value of your brand. The amount a buyer will pay to purchase your brand is your brand value.