5 Reasons to Hire an Amazon business broker Omer Riaz May 2, 2022

5 Reasons to Hire an Amazon business broker

amazon fba business broker

Starting your business on the leading E-commerce platform Amazon is a lucrative option. However, making a business successful on Amazon isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When you have made your Amazon business successful, are you willing to sell your Amazon business? Remember! Selling on Amazon is different from selling your actual business.

When you sell Amazon FBA business, there are different challenges you have to face. If you have no experience in selling a business, these challenges can be discouraging. You might not receive the actual price for your valuable business.

This is where the Amazon business broker comes in.  These business brokers help you get the right price for your Amazon business and help you out in a critical negotiation process.

amazon business broker

This article will go through 5 reasons to hire an Amazon FBA business broker. Let’s start this journey!

Selling Individually VS Selling with Amazon Business Broker

If you are ready to sell your Amazon FBA business, you have two options:

  • Selling Individually 

If you sell your business individually, you will carry out a direct sale. You will contact buyers directly with buyers, and you will be responsible for conducting all the paperwork and other important stuff.

You might see it as an easy process, but you will face enormous challenges if you don’t have any experience in selling business. Finding potential buyers and compiling all the essential steps while the selling process is time-consuming.

  • Selling it with Amazon FBA broker

Amazon FBA brokers are just like the coach. They help you sort out complex parts of your deal activities like financing, well presented and free from errors business information, and they have years of experience to assist you during the tough negotiation process.

The best broker to sell an Amazon business will use their existing network of potential buyers ready to buy Amazon FBA business.

In short, it’s the prime duty of FBA brokers to ensure the quick completion of the sales process at a price that suits both buyer and the seller.

5 reasons to Hire Amazon Business Broker 

We have elaborated on the difference between selling your business individually and working with FBA brokers. Let’s explore the five reasons why it’s beneficial to hire an Amazon business broker when selling your Amazon business.

  • Access to more buyers 

More buyers lead towards more offers. If you receive more offers, the probability of getting the price you want for your business increases.

It isn’t easy to reach thousands of potential buyers willing to purchase your business when selling your business alone. At this point, FBA brokers are highly effective.

These brokers get your business in front of qualified buyers who are in the market to purchase potential businesses. You save time by working with business brokers.

Selling your business alone, you can find one or two potential buyers providing you with a reasonable price for your business. However, the business brokers have buyers with attractive offers that usually offer prices beyond your expectations.

In other words, you can get a reasonable price – but you will get even a higher price after negotiations by hiring business brokers.

  • Buyers Trust FBA Brokers 

These FBA business advisors have conducted multiple sales before and have years of experience. They have excellent knowledge about what buyers expect and look for in the market.

Well-established Amazon business brokers enjoy a good reputation in the market, and investors know that any business they market for sale is worth their time.

The same things can’t be said about a person selling business for the first time. Why? Because they don’t have market experience and a high level of credibility. It’s not your fault, as credibility is earned over time.

  • You Can Get Better Deals with Business Brokers 

You always want to get a fair deal for your Amazon business. Similarly, companies that buy Amazon businesses also want the right deals. In this case, brokers will facilitate both parties by providing attractive deals for both parties satisfaction.

If you individually consult a single buyer, the probability is high that you will end up receiving lower monetary value for your business. Moreover, you can face delays in the deal process that can be time-consuming and hectic.

What you want is a good offer for your Amazon business in a short time frame. This is where business brokers will facilitate you in getting the best business deal.

  • Brokers will gain Interest and Competition 

Competition between buyers is significant because it enables the offering prices to rise. Business brokers have a list of interested and potential buyers. If the business is profitable enough, you can expect a high price as a seller.

If you are selling yourself, you will be at the mercy of equity firms that know how to play this game. They already know your business is of great worth, but if they are the only ones bidding for your business, they will put forward an amount that does not meet your expectations.

But if many potential buyers enter the field, the game is changed.

  • Business Brokers will Correctly Price your Business 

The valuation of your business is important at the initial stages of selling your business. Before determining Amazon’s FBA valuation multiples, it’s fundamental to consider the company’s cumulative financial value and factors impacting its value

For first-time sellers, problems arise while calculating seller discretionary earnings (SDE). SDE is a general way of calculating FBA business net income. Individually, it’s not easy for you to calculate your business’s SDE and overall financial status.

Amazon business brokers will effectively price up your business and prepare your financial reports accurately. If your business has higher growth rates, then taking the services of these business brokers will provide you with a tremendous advantage.

Therefore, taking the services of Amazon FBA brokers is a good idea.


Selling your Amazon FBA business is a time-consuming process that includes complex procedures. Hiring FBA business brokers for this duty will free you from the stress and hurdles in this process.

Amazon business broker helps you to buy and sell Amazon business.  You will receive a good price for your business after taking their services. So, are you ready to sell your business?


How much is my amazon business worth?

The most common equation used to evaluate an Amazon FBA business is: Valuation = Net Profit x Multiple. Where ‘Net Profit’ your business average profit in the past 12 months’ profits.

You can take the services of an FBA business broker to get the exact monetary value of your Amazon business

Can I sell my FBA business?

Yes, you can sell your Amazon FBA business. Consult with renowned Amazon business brokers to get a good price for your business.