How to Become an Amazon Advertising Partner? Omer Riaz April 1, 2022

How to Become an Amazon Advertising Partner?

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Introducing the Amazon Advertising Partner Network

The modern world is switching towards digitalization. Online E-commerce platforms like Amazon are enjoying phenomenal growth rates after COVID-19. In the US, Amazon’s retail e-commerce market share grew to 41.8 percent in 2021 from 40.7 percent in 2020. That is why people are becoming interested in becoming Amazon Advertising Partners.

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The average conversion rate of E-commerce websites in 2021 was 2.42 percent, while Amazon’s conversion rates are different from others. In 2021, Amazon’s average PPC conversion was 9.87 percent.

The PPC campaigns of Amazon are on another level compared to off Amazon ads. Due to this reason, many advertisers are choosing Amazon for their ad campaigns.

The productive results of PPC campaigns are what’s attracting advertisers. Still, the effectiveness of these campaigns depends on your strategies. The best agencies that can help you with that are Amazon advertising partners.

But what are advertising partners, how can they benefit you, what are their requirements? You can find most of the necessary information in this guide.

Find An Amazon Advertising Partner

The companies that have shown excellence and high engagement on advertising platforms are the Amazon advertising partner network.

Amazon sets a criterion that a company should pass to become a partner. Due to the strict requirements of retailers, not all companies can become a partner.

This program assists both Amazon and its partner in delivering continuous quality service. The partner can be an agency or tool that helps you. They may provide you with services like optimizing, developing, and executing your advertisements. Every partner has its expertise among different Amazon ranges of specialties.

Being a partner network Amazon advertising has significant benefits. It’s a collaboration between two companies, where Amazon provides certain resources to its partners they can utilize for innovating products and services for helping advertisers optimize their campaigns. Companies can learn new technological features and address different issues through this partnership.

It’s important to mention that Amazon doesn’t endorse its partners and services. These companies have their pricing strategies, and Amazon doesn’t manage them.

Why Join the Partner Network? 

If you possess expertise in effectively handling Amazon ads and delivering potential results for the advertisers, you can earn advanced partner status. You should effectively manage Amazon advertisement services by increasing brand awareness and sales volume of the brands.

You can build your knowledge through case studies, product user guides, and best practices. In addition to this, you can access Amazon ads learning certifications, and after successful completion, certificates will be provided. The partners can also access the latest release information and technical documentation that helps update their newest market trends.

Who can Join a Partner Network?

The agencies and tool providers possessing a vast range of services and expertise to support advertisers can become Amazon’s advertising partner. Whether you have a specialization in advertising a product or providing advertising services, you can join the Amazon Partner network to learn more about new products, access training, and manage your Amazon ads business.

If you are running a successful advertising agency specializing in managing and optimizing digital advertising campaigns, you are liable to join the Amazon partner network.

Companies providing efficacious SaaS tools services to different clients with positive results can also join Partner Network. Your services should be unique and productive for becoming the partner of the Amazon advertising network. Amazon also provides training and education in online advertising to the Partner Network members.

How Do I Get Started?

One has to go through different steps to join the Partner Network of Amazon. These steps are as follows:

  • You have to accept the terms and conditions to join the Partner Network account on behalf of your company.
  • Afterward, complete the partner network registration form and complete all necessary information required in the document.
  • Review all the information provided and accept partner network terms and conditions.
  • Next, you have to fill out the account setup by adding users and advertisers and submitting your directory profile listing for approval.
  • Exploring events, resources, and webinars.

Brand Growth with Amazon Ads Partner 

Amazon advertising partners help brands work on their strategies and ambitions. They provide advice consultancy and reporting automation services so brands can focus on their growth and customer engagement.

The advertising partners of Amazon include agencies, consultancies, and tool providers. If any advertiser needs assistance regarding business, they can consult with any of these partners depending on their requirements.

If your brand connects with an amazon advertising partner agency, they will help you achieve your marketing strategies and improve the returns of ad spend. Brand awareness is also enhanced with the incremental efforts of these ads partners.

They analyze which campaigns are most effective for your business and work on them accordingly. Even if you have ambitions to explore your brand globally, these ads partners are promising in helping you to reach global markets.

The Benefits of Amazon Advertising 

It’s not easy for an Amazon seller to get noticed in the competitive market of Amazon without the inclusion of ads. So, you have to take Amazon advertising services to escalate brand awareness and sales for your company. Amazon advertising will provide you benefits in the following ways:

Improving product ranking

Amazon is powered by the A9 algorithm. The ranking of the products depends on this algorithm. The A9 algorithm looks at product titles, conversion rates, reviews, click-through rates, and many others for ranking purposes.

Amazon doesn’t distinguish how conversions are made and click gained. The service of Amazon advertising will instantly put your products on the top-ranking page where thousands of shoppers can see them and can help you gain traffic. It’s the fastest way of getting more sales, clicks, and verified reviews.

Due to the severe competition in the Amazon marketplace, it’s not easy to appear on the top page in rankings naturally without the help of the Amazon partner directory. That’s why taking Amazon’s advertising service is important to improve your product performance and rankings.

Increasing Revenues 

An Amazon seller’s average cost per click rate is about 0.97 US dollars. Moreover, the daily expense is about 380 US dollars which is expensive, but if you are getting daily sales revenue of 1050 US dollars, the benefits are more for utilizing ads service.

If you are willing to invest a small amount in advertising services, then even this can raise your sales and revenues. The statistics from enlisted are not guaranteed as they can differ according to the nature of the business. More importantly, Amazon itself guarantees promising results of using the Amazon ad service in terms of good returns. So, it’s worth it to invest in Amazon measurement partner advertising services.


Amazon’s advertising services growth is increasing fast, with thousands of sellers utilizing their services. If you are running an advertising company and have shown excellence and a high level of engagement on the advertising platform, then you can become an Amazon advertising partner.

You have to go through a procedure and fulfill the requirements to join this partner network. These partners can provide brands with potential results regarding sales and brand awareness. Under the competitive business atmosphere of Amazon, utilizing the services of Amazon advertisements has become fundamental to getting visible in the market.