How to scale an ecommerce business in 6 Months? Omer Riaz May 17, 2022

How to scale an ecommerce business in 6 Months?

I was wondering how to scale an ecommerce business in the minimum time? Let’s see what professionals have to say about it.

In Covid-19, the ecommerce industry boomed around the globe due to a shift in consumer behavior. Due to worldwide lockdown restrictions, people preferred online shopping over offline. In 2021, total ecommerce sales worldwide accounted for 4.9 trillion US dollars.

Along with the excessive growth of ecommerce businesses, the number of ecommerce businesses or stores is also increasing. There are 9.1 million online retailers globally, around 2.5 million in the United States.

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It can be witnessed from the above figure that Amazon emerged as the leading ecommerce platform in taking US market share. Amazon has a market share of 41 percent and has aggressively surpassed other eCommerce competitors like Walmart and eBay.

As the ecommerce growth triggered, the number of online sellers also escalated. Now, ecommerce business competition is on another level on leading ecommerce websites like Amazon. It is impossible to attain customer attention and compete with potential players without productive Amazon business scaling strategies.

Every online business owner and startup wants to know how to scale an ecommerce business. Scaling your ecommerce business can transform your small business into a major brand. However, building a solid business base is essential before doing anything else. Before mounting your company’s growth, it’s crucial to ensure you have created an excellent website, customer support, and quality products.

After when you are confident about your business base, work on the strategies to scale your business. In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide to how to scale a platform in ecommerce:

How Ecommerce Accelerators Scale Your Ecommerce Business:

Following is a step to step guide on how to scale your ecommerce business:

Step 1: Building A Strong ecommerce Business Foundation

Undoubtedly, building a solid business basis is vital before you think of how to scale an ecommerce business. Even if you are generating handsome revenues annually, rechecking your business foundation and looking for any possible required changes can further improve your brand performance.

If you want to ensure that your business foundation is compelling enough, here are a few things to examine and practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO has become the core engine of websites to generate traffic from the search engines. You will be amazed to know that companies invest around 79 billion US dollars in SEO every year.

When your concern is how to scale a reselling business, you need to plan its SEO. Remember, SEO optimization doesn’t happen instantly because it’s time-consuming. You will witness the impacts of SEO on your website after a few months of implementing conclusive strategies.

Below listed are the few points in SEO that you must consider for practice:

  • Dive into the sea of research, analyze your industry and competitors, and search for the top searched keywords.
  • Your website loading speed should be fast enough to enhance your website’s user experience. There are several tools online for checking your website speed.
  • Addition of blogs and including relevant content that injects a valuable experience.
  • Review your website’s overall structure and find the errors that can be eliminated to keep the website user-friendly.

The conversions are dramatically improved by sustaining your website’s user-friendliness aspect through SEO.

Developing Email Marketing Model 

From the initial stage of business development, construct an email marketing model. Email marketing relates to sending emails to potential customers to convey a message from a specific brand or business. Design email marketing strategy in a way that is capable of converting first-time visitors into permanent customers.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service 

Customer service is essential to scale an ecommerce business. If you receive good customer reviews, high sales, and an influx of loyal customer base, your customer service is exceptional.

Imagine you have started your business, and suddenly your customer base reaches 500 within no time. In that case, there should be a possible arrangement of enough staff to handle your customer service aspect.

Effectively answer queries or problems of customers because it is essential to retain their loyalty to your brand. If you compromise this service, competitors will surpass you instantly.

Strategic Sales Funnel 

An effectively planned sales funnel illustrates two significant objectives: grabbing new customers’ attention and retaining existing customers.

When you’re on how to scale up an ecommerce business path, you need to enhance your brand awareness to acknowledge people about your brand presence. Customer behavior towards your products will let you know about their response and what they want you to improve in your products.

Afterward, engage with your existing customer through different marketing campaigns. Optimize your website in a way that can urge visitors into buyers.

Lift Traffic Using Google 

The core part of improving your ecommerce store base is increasing the traffic on your website and, in the modern competitive environment, relying only on SEO optimization and other online campaigns.

If you want to improve your website traffic, you must develop your Google ads strategy. It is a productive way to capture maximum traffic within a short time frame.

Step 2: Investing in Automation Strategies and Building Momentum

Retaining business momentum in the modern competitive environment is filled with severe challenges, and without a strategic plan, you cannot maintain momentum.

The use of the latest technology is vital to perform in the ecommerce environment productively. There will be moments where your sales might see dramatic fluctuations. It would be best always to be prepared for these moments to tackle challenges.

Follow the tactics driving momentum and enable your operating system on automation.

Using Customer Reviews to Build Trust 

Being an online shopper, you know how critical customer reviews are to portray the product experience that you are purchasing. If your customer reviews are reasonable, you can win visitors’ trust to turn into your customers. And thus, paving your way to scale an ecommerce business.

Customers prefer to purchase products from those online stores with customer reviews compared to those with no review system. Therefore, including a customer review system on your website is essential to attract new customers.

Remarketing Power 

Remarketing is a popular form of digital marketing which targets the users who have previously visited your website. Remarketing is very influential in cost-effectiveness and staying connected with the audience. You can utilize Facebook and Google for remarketing strategies.


If your business is growing rapidly, your team management will become complex. Nowadays, many online sellers are going forwards to outsource their business management process to third-party companies.

Outsourcing your business’s significant concerns from a talented ecommerce accelerator team knowing about ecommerce business and how to scale an ecommerce business will ensure no resistance in the business growth journey.

Increase Brand Awareness by Generating UGC For New Visitors

UGC stands for User Generated Content which is brand-specific and created by customers, and published on different online channels. You can provide incentives to your customers for sharing a review on your website.

UGC is the best picture of the word of mouth that can convince new visitors to turn into customers. So, if you are thinking about how to scale ecommerce business, remember UGC benefits.

Upgrading Customer Service

Improving customer service is necessary to scale an ecommerce business. Customer service is the catalyst for switching your customer service to the next level.

Create the pathways to connect with customers, answer their queries, and share updates on your ongoing promotions. Create groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, or other online engagement platforms where your target audience is present.

Connect with your customers in a friendly manner, and the results will be excessive growth.


If you are serious about scaling online business, then automation is the highly focused aspect you should never compromise for future growth. Automating your operations can help you manage excess orders without putting much effort.

The services that you can put on automation include managing pricing, gathering comments, and customer service. After automating significant business areas, you can focus on other different areas of company growth.

Every business is different, and there are multiple business areas that you can automate. After their automation, even if your business proliferates, it will be effectively managed.

Step 3: Generating the Turnover of 7 Figures

Once you have developed your business momentum, it’s time to plan for advanced strategies to turn your business into a million-dollar brand. Always think of any possible hurdles that can hinder growth. Concentrate on the factors that can negatively impact your business and prepare a plan to tackle those challenges.

Your competitors leading the marketplace have constructive strategies for working successfully in any business environment. Be the one who is ready to accept challenges and come up with promising solutions. Afterward, success is inevitable.

Your primary focus points in this regard should be:

Planning to Resolve Supply Issues 

Supply management is the backbone of any online ecommerce company. Whenever your number of orders increases, you can face problems specific to quality and delivery from the supplier side. Do you have any plan to deal with the supplier issues?

Currently, there are crucial supply chain challenges after the pandemic hit the global economic grounds. The best way to tackle these trails is to build a solid partnership with suppliers who value your business as assets and develop good communication with them.

In addition, manage to contact various suppliers in the market and find those who can add value to your business. Even if you are working with an effective supplier, find more to have a backup plan in the market. This strategy can be beneficial to scale an ecommerce business.

Planning to Deal with High and Low Sales Volume 

Rise and fall in ecommerce sales is the part of the business that is unavoidable. The avoidable part of the business is to have operative strategies that can handle these inevitable scenarios.

Always look to optimize your websites, expand product diversity, or create innovative products that appear attractive to consumers. Create a never-ending demand for your products by continuously adding innovation to your products and services development.

What Else You Can Look at To Scale Your Business

Now we have gone through the in-depth guide on how to scale ecommerce business, Let’s explore some other factors that can also be included in scaling ecommerce business.

Offer Free Shipment 

Offering free shipment can be a great and proven strategy to grab customers’ attention. We all know customers are price-sensitive, and this factor can switch consumer focus within no time. If your business has offered a shipment cost on your product, it might entice consumers to look for other options.

According to a study, the fundamental reason why people abandon their online shopping journey is because of associated shipping, taxes, and other deductions.

You can add the shipment cost inside the product price or inform the customers afterward of the related shipment fees. However, offering free shipments to customers is preferred to attain a market share in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Also, ensure that your products are delivered to customers in a timely manner, so they are more likely to place orders again. Late shipment can leave a wrong impression in the consumer’s mind that will directly disturb your sales flow.

Streamlining Conversion Process 

Improving conversion rates means more customers are entering your online store to purchase your products. Being an online seller, you should avoid any hurdle that can impact conversion rates negatively.

A long conversion process that takes too long can disrupt the customer experience. It doesn’t matter whether you aim to generate leads; if you ask too much and consumer visitors extra time, they will think twice of converting into your customers.

Long forms to fill up are hard for visitors to fill out because it demands a lot of information. A lengthy checkout process can result in users ignoring to buy your products and services.

Make it a short and reasonable journey for visitors to leave a good impression of your brand.

Listen to The Complaints 

Retaining customer lifetime value in the modern competitive business environment is complex. You have to listen to customers and answer their queries. Remember there was a quote, “Customers are always right.”

Remember, good customer support is a critical key to how to scale an ecommerce business. You can always witness leading organizations listening to customers and working on their queries. Big brands on leading ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart always listen to their customers.

Ignoring your customers’ complaints will lose customers, business growth, and all the investment you injected to become a prominent seller.

In the End

Building a solid foundational base for your business is the priority before taking the step to know how to scale an ecommerce business. We have explained significant areas where you can work to scale your ecommerce business within a short timeline.

Remember! Every business is different; you have to focus on critical areas of your business to scale.