How to increase your product sales on Amazon? Omer Riaz February 9, 2022

How to increase your product sales on Amazon?

increase your sales rank on amazon

How to Increase Your Amazon Sales?

Every seller on Amazon wants to attain market share for business growth. However, it’s not easy to compile in the modern competitive environment and increase your Amazon sales overnight.

Amazon has become the largest Ecommerce platform by grossing a net worth of 1.7 trillion US dollars in 2021. Being the global leading Ecommerce platform, the competition on Amazon is aggressive. Millions of sellers operate on Amazon to sell their products and services.

increase your amazon sales


Under this competitive business environment, finding out how to increase sales and generate profits is something every Amazon seller wishes for.

Let’s explore the ways that can be effective and promising to increase your product sales on the Amazon platform:

1.      Optimizing Titles

Titles play a huge role in attracting buyers’ attention towards the product and services. You can follow a general formula for optimizing titles to generate operative results.

Optimizing title= Name of brand + Product Name + Product features

If your product includes every necessary information required by the customers, they will be more likely to understand the description of your product. It will consequently shape their purchasing intention towards the product.

More importantly, you will learn to capitalize on high-ranking keywords. If you use the right keywords, your product can be ranked at the top pages of Amazon. Resultantly customers will find your development easily and can place an order to increase your Amazon sales generation.

2.      Development of multi-channel marketing

Well, if you are already conducting multi-channel marketing for your Amazon business, then it’s great! If not, start doing it today.

Find out from where you can target your customers. Promote your products for selling where you can find potential customers. Around 57 percent of the global population is active on social media websites. You can use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach these active audiences.

You can also run your business ads on different websites to increase brand awareness and recognition. The services like free shipment on certain festivals, attached coupons, and discounted deals used for marketing can increase your Amazon sales.

Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy will make you acknowledge the productive marketing channels generating more sales for your business. It will save your money by considering only those marketing channels that effectively generate sales.

3.    Getting Reviews Increase Your Amazon sales

Customers take the reviews of the product as recommendations by their users. Most people read the reviews of products before buying. It is estimated that nearly 54.7 percent of consumers read at least four reviews before purchasing a product. Therefore, the importance of reviews cannot be neglected.

Product reviews play a great role in Amazon for ranking your products. The constructive feedback will tend to improve your product performance. You should provide authentic and quality services to your customers to get positive reviews as much as you can.

4.      Improve the Photographs of the product

A perfect quality photo is the best way to grab consumers’ attention. Research showcased that product photo is an influential factor in shaping consumers’ purchasing intention. You don’t need to be involved in an intense effort to capture attractive photographs. Following some basic principles will lead you towards your desired goal of enhanced product photographs:

  • You must shoot with as much natural light as possible.
  • Don’t use a flashlight on your camera.
  • Use a tripod for your camera to balance it and avoid shakes while capturing photos.
  • Shooting products from different angles.
  • Capture the product’s image in a real-life situation to acknowledge your customers about the way of its usage.

5.      The efficiency of Inventory Management

Inventory management is a very common and important aspect of operating a business on Amazon. Stocked up inventory will escalate your organic ranking on Amazon.

Inventory management is vital for meeting customers’ demands and achieving desired business targets. If the inventory management is not aligned with the needs of customers, then you can easily lose your customer base.

Since the last 5 years, there has been an increase of 6.8 percent in the number of warehouses within the USA. If you plan to handle these tasks manually, there is a high probability of unwanted mistakes and errors. Nowadays, different tools are used to automate your tasks by utilizing promising inventory management software.

An effective tool for inventory management will boost your market operations and sales.

6.      Offering the Right prices

Price can be considered the main factor in shaping consumer intention towards sales. Due to excessive market competition on Amazon, consumers greatly emphasize price factors.

Think about yourself from a shopper’s point of view- we all are looking for the best price possible. If a customer compares your product with another, the price will be a crucial determinant.

If customers are getting different prices of the same product on Amazon, then it’s 99 percent sure that they will go for the best economical price. The chances that you will be the one who customers select out of millions of sellers is very small.

Well, the question is, what should be done in this case?

You can invest in an automated repricing tool that will help you adjust product prices under intense competition to capture market share.

Conduct research and analyze the market condition. After that, offer the competitive market price that is promising to generate sales for your Amazon business. Don’t sell at too much lower prices to increase your sales on Amazon.

7.      Use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Utilizing Amazon FBA business will make the shipment and storage easy for your business and increase your Amazon sales.

Online shoppers trust the badge of Amazon prime. The label of Amazon prime urges the buyers to purchase your products without any questioning. If you use the Amazon FBA service, your business will get the prime title that will help in increasing your Amazon sales.

The crucial advantage of Amazon Prime is free shipping. According to a survey, nearly 80 percent of the US consumers have fast, free shipping, a reason to shop from this leading Ecommerce platform.

When we want to buy something from Amazon or any other Ecommerce platform, we want it fast without paying for shipment charges.

If you receive the label of Amazon Prime, it will generate your business sales due to its immense advantages.

Following Rules and Regulations of Amazon

If you do not adhere to Amazon rules, your product sales will fall immediately. For any business success, rules and regulations should be adhered to avoid any unprecedented obstacle.

If you know what is required by Amazon to operate the business under their rules, it is more likely that the business will succeed, and the chances of sales generation will increase.

Therefore, following the rules and regulations of Amazon will lead your business towards the roadmap of success and fast growth.


Generating sales for your Amazon business under intense competition is not easy to compile successfully. You have to be an active and productive analyzer to construct strategies that can help you win significant market share.

In this article, a few ways are enlisted to increase your Amazon sales. Besides, these strategies will help you make your Amazon brand visible and potentially strong to increase its market value.